HT Houseboat
In the design project of HT Houseboat we tried to combine the ideology of catamaran and houseboat.
We think this design fits the spirit of travel. The main feature of this catamaran are floats passing into the hull of the houseboat.

The modular design of the interior part of the catamaran provides variety of options to meet your needs and budget.

HT can be a classic houseboat, sauna, ferry for transporting surfs and kayaks, option for whale Safari as well as cargo version.

Classic version of houseboat has the following technical parameters:
Length 14 m, width 6 m

The inner part of the houseboat includes a living room with a shower and a washing machine, a utility room, two cabins that can accommodate four people. Also can be added additional cabins in floats.

Internal living area is 60 m2.

On the roof of the houseboat there are 40 m2 solar panels and two wind turbines.
The boat is equipped with two electric motors.
Power reserve (approximately) 80 miles at a speed of 12 km per hour.

We believe that eco-friendly technologies in the field of houseboats and yachts will be able to save more nature for our children.

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